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My name is Emmylou Rivers and I am a veterinary nurse and have specialized in physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for animals. Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy focuses on the treatment of injury or chronic arthritis/disease to decrease pain and restore function. Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy is a very important part of the healing process. I treat every patient as an individual and give an individual therapy plan that offers the best opportunity for a successful outcome. I believe in Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy management which looks at the entire animal and not just one area. I use therapies to strengthen muscle and prevent atrophy, decrease edema/swelling and improve range of motion.

I treat all animals - dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, wildlife and more. No animal is too small, too big or too 'strange'.

I am situated in Sunnighill Gardens in JHB. The practice is very informal and relaxed, which ensures the comfort and safety of your pet. Only one animal is treated at a time which also decreases their stress levels. I have also spent time working at an exotics (birds, reptiles, primates and anything else that isn’t a dog or cat) practice. I have also worked in a number of small animal (dog and cat practices), including a 24 hour specialist practice. I have always been fascinated by animals and their behavior, and wanted to know why they do certain things. I have done intensive research on behavior and animal husbandry.

I am a qualified Game Ranger and Veterinary Nurse; I have completed many courses including the Ethology Academy Avian Ethology course and the University of Pretoria Behavioral Medicine course. I have also been a keynote speaker on Aggression in Exotic Animals at the South African Veterinary Association’s behavioral congress in 2013 and on Feather Plucking in 2014. I have held positions on the Veterinary Nurses Association of South Africa’ committee and have stood on the SAVA Animal Behavioral Information Group’s committee and SAAPRA committee (South African Animal Physical Rehabililation Association).

I have also received the CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) qualification through the University of Tennessee. I am a member in good standing of SAVC (South African Veterinary Council), SAVA (South African Veterinary Association), ABC (Animal Behavior Consultants), SAAPRA (South African Animal Physical Rehabilitation Association), SAARCH (South African Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists).

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